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    I'm trying to activate my email but the activation emails don't seem to be reaching my account, is this a common issue and how do I solve it? 🙂

    Mainly just want to report a cheater in one of my leagues, but I need to activate my email for that.

  • @potemy Hello Aaron and welcome to the World forum 🙂

    Have a look at this link please : https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/302/common-questions/7

    alt text

    But since I cannot be sure if you are using the OSM app via your phone or your browser via a laptop, maybe the latter according to your game profile :

    alt text

    I could use a detailed explanation of the steps you made while trying to use the Report Cheater function.
    You are an old user, I'd expect your account to be already connected with your email.

    So please, go to your Home page on the OSM game ( via your browser ) >> click from your menu on Profile >>
    then click on Edit profile >> and from that page you will find the word Email Address and a tiny pencil icon next to it. Do you see or recognize your own email there ?
    In case you want to change your Email then :
    Click on that pencil and proceed with your change.
    ⚠ Do not forget to click on the word Save , at the bottom of that page when you are done to save your changes!

    Could you please also double-check your incoming mails , even Spam / Junk files ? Is it possible that you have got already a reply - mail from our Support Team and you missed reading it ?