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    Hello there I am trying for the past week to get bernardeschi on scout by putting 90+ and 80-90 attacker winger nationality italian league italian and it isnt coming I opened the league with my friends nobody has bernardeschi on their team and it isn’t on the transfer list so why isnt the scout bringin him I spent more than 100 coins to scout so if you could fix this bug that would be great!

  • @FC8bal Hello to you too. 🙂

    Sorry but it's not a bug, it's a feature...
    Please have a look here : https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/302/common-questions/13

    The game's scouting system, as you have noticed already, cannot guarantee you the arrival of a specific player. The best we can do when/if we have a certain player in mind to scout is to make sure we place the correct data on our Scout's criteria about him ( age, position, skills, nationality etc ) and then wait and see what the scout will be able to find available and bring to us according to those used criteria.
    Note - General advice : I might as well point out to you not to insist on scouting players of the same nationality as the one of your chosen league.
    You can't scout players that are originally from the league that you are playing in. The engine might list him on your TL ( Transferlist ), but you would have to hope that this is going to happen.
    For instance: if you are playing on the Netherland's league it is not wise of you to scout Dutch players cause the chances would be that most of them ( if not all of them ) are already part of a certain club in your own league.

    P.S. To use the Scout , to send him away to find new players, you only need a small amount of your Club Funds. You will spend Boss Coins only if you decide to buy one of your Scout's players and each new player costs like 15 Boss Coins + Club Funds, not 100 Boss Coins.

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    Thank you for the quick reply I am playing in european league so as you mentioned the nationality and the same ligue I don’t think that s the problem here. And as you said that the scout doesn’t guarantee the player we want that’s why I tried multiple times with instant scout by changing the variables. I also looked at the time for example some other friends bought wingers to avoid the possibility of my player being in their scout for 30minutes. There is just no reason for the scout to not bring him up? Regardless thank you for the time!

    p.s Is there any place on this forum that shows where we can look the player ratings so that we know exactly so that we send scout with exact ratings:p

  • @FC8bal Is this the player that you desire to have so much ? 😁 https://www.transfermarkt.com/federico-bernardeschi/profil/spieler/197300
    So he is an Italian playing for Juventus.

    Yes there is a way to check on a player on OSM before trying to Scout him. You have to go to your game menu, find and click on Community , then click on the League Overview and from there choose Italy ( league ) and lastly click on Juventus.




  • @FC8bal Your beloved striker is not even on the 90+ category my friend... you were struggling with wrong criteria all this time... ☹

    alt text

  • @FC8bal Hello again Endrit.

    This time I need to inform you and warn you about something else very important.
    ⚠ Please make sure you will remove your current OSM avatar from your game profile in the next 24 hours , otherwise there will be consequences. It is against the OSM Terms and Forum Rules for managers to use any inappropriate language or images. So please choose another more respectable image for your new game avatar as soon as possible!

    Thank you in advance.

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    Thank you will try with the new rating as for the avatar sure I’ll change it no problem!
    Best regards

  • @FC8bal Thank you Endrit , I really appreciate it. 🤝
    All is good then here, time to close this one. 🗝