Are so called "illegal trasfers" legal in Crew Battle?

  • Since is a crew battle, are we allowed to help each other with transfers between us, crew teammates?

  • @Urbunnya Hello again and thank you for your post. 🙂

    The current 10 days Official Crew Battles ( and not the ones organised by individual crew members ) are a special OSM feature.
    alt text
    The new CB leagues where designed this way so that each manager/battler from one Crew can only play against his direct opponent from the other Crew and this way avoid any collusion.
    But since it's a special feature that requires some kind of team work, it was decided that all kind of transfers should be allowed, in order to spice up the game and offer to battlers a way of co-operation and strategic management.
    Furthermore for your information , due to this special circumstances, OSM has also removed the option to report managers for illegal transfers and only for these official CB leagues!

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Thank you for the answer, keep it up!

  • @Urbunnya You're welcome! U 2 ! ✌