A stupid question about "verdict"

  • Hello. (move this topic if it is not cool the make a new post about it, I couldn't find a place elsewhere to post it.)

    A few days ago, after I reported a cheater, I received "a verdict". I just woke up at the time and by mistake swiped the notification I received on my phone away. Now I can't find the verdict. I checked the game and my e-mail account but was unable to find it.

    My question: How do you usually get notified about the verdict? Did I look at the wrong places or it simply disappeared?

    Feel free to lock or delete the thread after you answer.

    Warm regards.

  • @Urbunnya said in A stupid question about "verdict":

    Hello to you too. 🙂

    It's not a stupid question and there is no need to delete this topic. Surely you must find and read the verdict of your report. It is send directly to your email , the one connected to your OSM account. So please , double- check your incoming mails ; even your junk/spam files.
    Let me know if you will find it please.

    My regards as well.

  • I checked spam folder and it is there! Thank you kindly.

  • @Urbunnya You're very welcome. Time to close this one then. 👍