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    Can you scout a player that has ben transferred from your league?

    For example: if I’m Lyon and PSG sold mbappe to a team in premier league, can i buy mbappe back using the scout?

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    Hello mate, if the player isn't playing on a team of your league at the moment and the scout find him and bring him, yes, you can buy him...

  • @DE-XRIST Xristos I hope you won't mind me adding something important on this matter.

    @Mu7arraqi911 Hello again and welcome to the World forum 🙂
    Just to clarify a couple things on your question my friend. Yes you are free to scout this player - https://www.transfermarkt.com/kylian-mbappe/profil/spieler/342229 - but we must also warn you about 2 things !

    1. It is always advised for managers to avoid scouting players of same nationality as their league's. Example : if you are playing on a French league and you try to Scout French players then you might not get your wish and there is a risk involved. There is a big chance that your Scout will return with players of different nationalities.
    2. Even if you do manage to Scout a player which was already sold once from your league's TL then please keep in mind that you will not be able to sell him again , if this happens on the same round of your league.