( not ) elimination in tournament

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    Good night,

    I’m doing a tournament with Benfica, and today i was in the quarter finals, in the second leg, final result result Barcelona 2 Benfica 2, but in the first hand i won 3-0, aggregate 5-3 for me, but at the end of game it said Thani was been eliminated of the tournment, what happened?!
    I take a print in the screen to!!

  • Hi @Bruno1lopes ,

    For some reason, this message often appears in this situation. You are still qualified in the tournament, and you will play your semi final tomorrow. Good luck 💪

  • English Moderator

    Just to add, if you check this on the web you'll see that you haven't been eliminated and have progressed to the next round.
    For the app you can uninstall and reinstall it and this should solve this problem.