Manager points bug?

  • I've read a post about how manager points are calculated.
    It is here in support forum.
    But I doubt if manager points are calculated in this way now. I explain why.
    1st - I had all-wins season in EPL with Norwich (16obj). I was only able to get 8k points. Season started with 20 managers, but during season many of them refused to finish season, so I finished with 3 active managers and ~4 afk managers.
    2nd - I started a new season with a thought that I grew too strong in previous season, and points depend on team strength, not only obj. I played 4 tours, now what I see: I have 648 points (4-0 obj13 man active/1-1 obj10 man active/1-0 obj4 man active/3-0 obj4 afk). But obj1 team has 734 points (2-0 obj4 man afk/2-1 obj13 man afk/2-1 obj man active/1-0 obj16 man active). So I have obj16, he has obj1, I have ~10th squad value, he has 1st squad value, and he somehow got 100 more points. Okay, I drew 1 game, but if it SO fatal, then there's probably no point in playing weak team.
    Do rules of calculations of MP has changed? Or is it just a bug?

  • @Perspicathir
    To get 10000 points in a season you should win the league, the cup, have the best scorer and assister, no draw and no lose with a 16the team

  • @mego00_3 Is their proof from screenshots/explanations of this being true? (I don't mean to undermine what you said) Because it would be nice to get verification of this being the way to get 10,000 manager points in one season, especially considering I also have not gotten that achievement yet.

  • @uchenna-a
    To be real I didn't achieve it yet and when I am trying to do it if I draw one match I reasign immediately so I didn't complete a whole season trying but I saw youtuber do every thing but he drawed one match and didn't make it

  • But as advice best way to do it is in the EFL one because it have 51 day match.
    you have 3 teams there the best value of them is charlton athelitc and the best schedule is bernsly

  • @mego00_3 @uchenna-a Boys, please, read the question. It is not flame. I'm not asking how to get 10k points. I can decide how to get em, when I know how MP system works. And my link is the only one source of information about it. And probably it is incorrect now.
    Lets calculate raw score. obj1 has 734/2 = 367. obj16 has 648/1.76 = 368 . Raw score is almost same after 4 games. And I had harder schedule (won obj13/obj4/obj4 draw obj10) while obj1 team won (obj4/obj13/obj16/obj16). Also we played against same afk team (obj4). So his wins against obj13 afk/obj16/obj16 cost more then my wins against obj13/obj4 and draw obj10. It is at least odd if MP system works how you expect from the link.
    We already played 1 tour. obj1 lost to obj10 1-2. Now obj1 has 377 points (+10 for this loss).
    obj16 won afk obj13 4-1. Now obj16 has 712 points. 712/1.78 = 400 points (+32 for this win).
    And I still doubt if system really have respect to objectives when calculates raw score.

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