Bug with Specialists

  • In the league i played i set specialist that i wanted, but when simulation finished they were completely random. For some reason 24 year old was captain even too i set it to my oldest player 33 years old, corners and free kicks were different too they had weakest mid player while i set it for the same pearson that was my captain. Only penalty specialists was correct one. I selected the players i wanted 2 minutes before simulations begin. I selected them after i changed tactics beacuse a few times that affected them to be different.

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    @nikiub6080 did you change the formation ?

  • Yes, but i selected specialists after that and only one was correct when simulation finished.

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    When you set your team 2 minutes before simulation begins its possible you picked the wrong players and didn't have time to double check before simulation ended or game already ended on database before your settings was sent.
    You can try this again by setting your specialist much more earlier say an hour before simulation then double check and screenshot it and check again after simulation to see if this occurs again or if things remain normal.

  • @King_Jamiu_10 Yesterday was fine and i had exactly the same line up and tactics, might be that my internet was slow and it didint save them and just said his name when i change it.

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    Exactly my point, changes weren't sent to server.

    Now we can close this one!

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