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    Dears Gentlemens,,

    I've been through this report that there is a bug in the software of the WEBSITE as it has several times happened to me in the game, giving me the coins and then come back to get you, but, but today, I put on the screen of my mobile phone to record the time of the gift, I offers out of the game and I go straight to the next so as you can see in the video, and it's already missing there are 29 coins, initially, I was left with 697 coins, and in the end we only got 668. The other times I went missing coins was not right after I left and went back in. With this email I want to reclaim my missing coins and a few more, and I also want to inform the gentlemens because this is still a serious and embarrassing situation . I would also like to know if the gentlemens want me to share this video on social networks with the intention of informing the other players, however I also do not want to cause problems because of a bug.
    I can't post the video here because the forum says I don't have these privileges, but I emailed your support with the video proving everything I say.

    André Marques