OSM really need to fix the OSM moderator bot

  • I'll rant about how bad the OSM Moderator bot is because it really does suck. The first thing is that it cant kick inactive managers out, even if they are bots and random people who don't play anymore. Another is that it does NOTHING. It's terrible and disgusting and I just can't stand it. Many of us who actually play are so annoyed by the fact that we cant invite our friends to play with us, and cant negotiate with the "bot" managers because they won't reply. They are INACTIVE and this is the dumb thing about the OSM moderator. It's horrific and terrible, and I can't stand it. PLEASE DO AN UPDATE WHERE THE OSM MODERATOR IS ACTUALLY A MODERATOR!!!!

  • If Available, can you guys kick out the inactive managers, most of them have their region set to Japan. The List: Manchester United, Norwich City, Bournemouth, Watford, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Everton, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Newcastle United, Brighton and Hove Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United
    For any players who wanna join:

  • @SIRBPLW First of all, chill with the language. I used to use words like "terrible" and "trash" when I first came to the forum because I was so pissed, but I have learned to keep my composure and convey my opinions in a calm way. Secondly, if the OSM moderator kicks out inactive managers, then the team will just be a computer-controlled team, and that won't make the league any better. An inactive manager controlled team is just as bad as a computer-controlled team. Usually, the inactive manager teams are well below their objectives so if they get kicked, then there is a very low chance that they will be replaced by a real person and not just the computer. You don't have to listen to my recommendation of speaking in a calmer way, but I just think people will see your opinion in a more positive light if you talk in a less negative way. (I am not trying to be rude or bossy).

    Remember that the OSM creators and workers are trying their best to make the game good and that we should all except in a mutual way that there will flaws in the game that they are improving. 🙂

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate....as a new manager to this game, try not to use this kind of language in here...next time you will be banded...
    As for the moderation of the leagues, you joined a league that has OSM as moderator...you knew that...you can not kick inactive managers off the league, if you are not the moderator of the league...
    BUT you have the option to create your own league and then as moderator to be able to invite who ever you want, keep the league private and kick any inactive manager off your league....