Boss coins not loading, password reset email not loading.

  • Hello. At the moment I am very frustrated. This is because on the 3rd of January I paid 9.99 for 1125 boss coins. However, the date is now the 6th of January and I have not received them.

    So, then after 3 days I decide to log into the forum to complain, but I forgot my password. So I send a forgot password email, and after 30 minutes I haven’t received this email, therefore I have had to create a brand new account to complain. ( I will delete this account)

    My actual account name is JJ Francis, I have proof of purchase and I will safely give it to a member of staff if I need to. I would like the boss coins loaded and a password reset.


  • @JustNeedHelp For both problems you'll have to contact support by email:

    Provide your manager name, clear explaination of the problem and also the new manager name on first contact.

  • English Moderator

    Hi @JustNeedHelp,

    For both issues, send a mail to with a clear explanation of the problem and also include your manager names and proof of payment in the mail.

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