Scomparsi circa 400 coins dal mio credito

  • Salve, ho appena notato che sono scomparsi molti coins dal mio credito e aggiungo che tutti i miei acquisti dei giocatori sono stati pagati con la moneta $ accumulata + 1 coins.
    Noto ora di avere pochi coins dopo aver speso tanto tempo per guadagnarli.
    Come posso riaverli?????
    Help me!!!

  • this forum is the wrong langues for you, you have to go to your own forums of your country.
    to do that click community then forums, then above you see groups.
    click on it and find your country, click on that and then join group.
    log off and then log in again now go to community and forums again you will now see a new group and that is the one you can asked you question in you own langues

    try that and let me know if it worked :thumbsup:

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    you should post only in English if you want us to understand you or use your language forums and post there.

    Happy New Year :santa:

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