Notification problem

  • I do not get notifications when the trainings, stadiums, doctor and lawyer are done. I only get notifications when the matches finished and when my players got sold.
    I was using a general mobile before and i was getting all the notifications, i changed my phone to the xiaomi and now i have problems with the notifications. If this is a bug i request you to fix it. Thanks.

  • @RetCad
    Same problem
    But I think it will be fixed in the next update, few days and problem will be solved😉

  • Notification problem

  • Screenshot_20200114-150548.png

    Update you app😉

  • Hi,

    If updating your App didn't solved the problem, make sure that notifications are enabled on your phone settings (OSM app).

    If you don't have anywhere to enable/disable them, you need to start something (training, stadium upgrade, scout....) with timer on App and then allow notifications.

    If none of this solve your problem, please report it again by following the template posted here

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