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    The board is frustrated at me winning city with only 1-0 and we are 6th because of the goal difference. But my objective is 4th place so my board is frustrated. What!!!!?

  • The Board ignores goal difference or any other aspect that places you on the standings.
    If you're talking about Chairman, he'll only about the place itself. Mehmet Başkan will cheer you if you're above it, approve you if you match the objective and frustrate if you're below it - regardless on how far you're from other teams on the standings.
    Besides this man, there are other two men on the Board: the Advisor and the Analyst.
    The first one will comment your last signings (regarding their values) and the other one will give you the odds for the upcoming match (regarding each team's objective) - so don't worry about these two, as they won't be frustrated at you (although, the Advisor may laugh at your cheapest acquisitions).

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    @DMFArranhado98 Thanks mate 👍