Cannot sell player directly.

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    I bought a player from the transferlist. I want to sell hem directly, but that is not possible because I get an error that I have to wait because I bought him from another team in the same league.

    But that is not true.: I bougt him from an Chinese club (im playing in South-Africa).

    The league is Panenka Bafana Bafana League.
    Username: Bobbiesworld

  • Provide evidence.

  • English Moderator


    The error message you received is correct. You indeed bought that player from a team in your league, at least not directly.
    If you take time to go through your transfer list you'll see that the player in question was previously sold by a team in your league to the Chinese club you bought the player from.

    This is an example of the above explanation, player - (Sabaly)
    Sold out to Pyramids

    Bought from Pyramids

    Error message when trying to add same player to the transfer list

    This issue occurs mostly during the transfer frenzy/chaos event!