• How can I scout decently? I have been asking for 2 weeks already for a midfielder of 90+ I'm only getting players below 90, this is shit, Im losing money and certainly time with building my team, do something about it, maybe with a budget or different price levels, because atm the scouting is really shit

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    First of all, watch your language.

    The scout will return with 3 players who match with your criteria. If your scout doesn't return with a 90+ player means that there are no 90+ players (according to your criteria) available anymore. Therefore, you have to be quick to obtain 90+ players in a country like England or you have to fill in less criteria in order to get a comparable player.

  • Well, I'd love to watch my language but I hate it that I'm being scammed and standing by and just looking at it, I am paying for this game but it can't even function properly. And how is this game even fair nowadays? guys can put €100 in every season, buy every player there is, I want to compete those guys without paying like a fool, but I have to be quick to obtain a players bc I play in England? There are two other big competitions in Europe alone and I can't even find 1 decent midfielder after 10x of scouting??? and that's your answer?

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    You are not being scammed and as far as we know the system works properly. There aren't that many players who are below the age of 25, have ratings of 90+ and who aren't playing in England. In an active competition in England, Spain, Germany or Italy the chance that all the younger 90+ players are gone in the first two weeks is pretty big. This is something we all have to deal with.

    Like Silvester has already explained to you, if there aren't any players left for the criteria that you used, the scout will automaticaly come back with players of a lower grade (80 to 89).

    What were the criteria you have been using to search for those players? Perhaps widening your search might help or look at the transferlist for the 26 to 30+ aged 90+ players.

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    Deze kan ook wel dicht.

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