• Hi I m new to the game and i wanted to ask is it always just 1 season ? Because then there is no point in buying younger players is there ? especially when you have small clubs

  • Community Manager

    @Iceman-de-Ridder_NL Welcome in OSM. Yes, buddy. We play always only one season and you can go to play in the other league... also for one season :thumbsup_tone1: Happy New Year!

  • Hi mate,

    Yes, it's only one season as our Polish staff said 👍 Tks George!

    But let me add something... it's important to balance your squad with young and experienced players, young players improve way faster and in a couple training sessions you can raise his value and sell him for profit... Also, they take longer to get tired, so you can line them in a couple more matches than old players before rest them. You also need experienced players to use as captain and to balance team maturity!