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    Hi, I would like to know how it is possible that despite having Barcelona with overol 90+ players I lost 3-0 at home against Real Sociedad with overol 75+ I think OSM is not 100% realistic because Barcelona would never lose 3-0 at home and without even making 1 goal. I would like clarification thanks. Yours sincerely. KevinEvo96

    (At)Messi 95
    (At)Griezman 94
    (At)Dybala 90
    (Cc)De Jong 90
    (Cc)Alli 89
    (Cc)Rakitic 90
    (Df)Alba 91
    (Df)Van Dijk 90
    (Df)Piqué 90
    (Df)Ramos 90
    (Pt)Ter Stegen 92

    Real Sociedad:
    (At)Oyarzabal 84
    (At)Willian José 82
    (Cc)Ödegaard 83
    (Cc)Zubeldia 80
    (Cc)Merino 79
    (Cc)Illiaramendi 79
    (Df)Lliorente 81
    (Df)Zaldua 78
    (Df)Elustondo 78
    (Df)Monreal 77
    (Pt)Remiro 78

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    The game doesn't work only with player values, if it would be like that, everyone that would have the chance to coach a team like Barcelona would always win. It's about tactics also. And sometimes pure luck/bad luck.

  • Tactics, formations, players ratings, player fatigue, player shirt numbers, the tactics and formations that your opponent uses, etc, have all got an influence in matches. Not to mention other factors that happens in the game like referee level, injuries, yellow/red cards. The game isn't made to be easy but you can experiment with different tactics and formations to find a sweet spot.

    It just takes time and practice. Write down what tactics and formations you're using in a match and mix it up based on your results.

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    @NikoAlinRO @Gary-Gomes Thanks guys 👍