Comeback to play, and I have many question

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    Hi, I play OSM since 2012 but I see many different right now. So I have question

    1. Can we watch the game minute by minute (goal-or-no-goal-simulation)?
    2. How can I buy premium ticket like green-background-star badge for premium and red-background-crown badge?
    3. are lawyer, doctor and spy recruited automatically? As I know we can recruit them if we purchase the premium ticket.
      That's all from me, thanks. Feeling good to play again

  • Hello and welcome back to the game, hope you will have great time here!

    1. Yes, you can watch it, both on mobile and on web. The game's engine calculates chances, missed attempts of scoring a goal, corners, fouls, yellow cards/red cards, penalty kicks , freekicks etc etc... These are real events that happen during the match simulation and are correct ( simulation wise ones ) . But after that comes another task of the game engine, which assigns one random ''reason'' for every specific situation/event that occured on the field. For more info here is the link
    2. There is no more premium and season tickets. Instead when OSM 3.0 came live, tickets got replaced with Boss Coins, and with them you can scout players, buy players... Keep in mind you get 4 Boss Coins everyday (after 6 hours and so on) and after finishing a season. The more Manager Points at the end of a season, more Boss Coins you will get.
    3. Thats right, They are assigned automatically with a new version.