• New graphic update - New graphic update on player's cards which show amount of matches played, goals and assists and other stuff doesn't look clean and accessible. Color scheme might be a bit too dark and you have to concentrate too much on numbers to realize which one represents what, since the font is way too small ( WEB version ). This is just review of user experience, if devs are looking for one. Wish the font was bigger and color scheme brighter

  • @danteus
    I agree with everything you said so all I can do is just give a +1 πŸ™‚

    Also I would add just one more thing. Rating could be done in at least one decimal place. Instead of all my team having 8, would be great If we could differentiate those with 8.9 from those with 8.1.

  • Dutch Users

    @majstor-matt I have a problem since the update, I cannot train my forward player any more on my android cell phone, the button is hidden behind the commercial,. Are you aware of this problem and will you do something about it or if not I can add an add blocker but I know that you don't like that solution. Up to you.

  • @majstor-matt exactly, one decimal would be a major difference!

    if i look at my playerratings, i see one player has 8.4, individual he gets a setback to 8. And another player at 7,6, individual he gets also an 8

    but it's a huge difference for me between 7.6 and 8.4

  • Portuguese Users

    @alfonzso_nl192 Someone already suggested to show it in the app. If you use the PC you can see the propper rating. πŸ™‚

  • Divisions & Manager Medals improvements - part 1

    We've been working hard and looked at how we can improve the Manager Medals system. For now, we have made some adjustments which were easy to implement. These are a few of the improvements:

    • The ratio of Manager Medals lost versus gained by lowering the penalties for losing matches.
    • Lowered the rewards for winning/drawing matches and End of Season bonus so new managers won’t rise to the top as quickly as now.
    • Reduced the amount of points earned against CPU and inactive managers.

    Beside these changes, there will be more, but these are harder to implement and will take more time. In the mean time we'll still be looking for more. In the upcoming time we'll ask our managers for input and feedback to improve Divisions and Manager Medals even further.


  • German Users

    @alyssagb A big thanks to the organizer. With this first step, our concerns were heard and it is good to read that further improvements will be made. πŸ‘ 😊

  • Portuguese Users


    Hello! Thanks for the update. I believe that step by step the ranking will end up being fair to everyone.

    There are also other needs of improvement: if I'm a 9th Division player and I lose a game against a player that is in the same Division as me I lose 1500 medals. To regain them I must win 6 games. That is something that is not fair. Specially for those players who only play competitive leagues where is normal to lose 4 or 5 games per season. You must cut it by half. Minimum!

    Also, I don't see the need do win/lose the medals by the end of a game. You should do it in the end of each league/season: if I have a good season, I win medals. If i have a bad season I lose medals. I think all the community agree with me. πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance!

  • Russian Users

    @alyssagb looking forward to the final version of ranking update

  • English Users

    Same thing, different packaging, medals are medals = very bad
    Maybe you could update to watch 2 ads for one Boss Coin.. that would be also great.. lol

  • Portuguese Users

    Hi everyone!

    Looking at the improvement, I see that as a Division 9 Manager I earn around 150 medals if I win a game against another Division 9 Manager and I lose around 800 when l lose a game against another Division 9 Manager.

    This means I need to win around 5 games to recover the medals I lost. For me... it's not good enough! It's way too much.

    In a 18 match league If I lose 5 games and become a champion I will probably end with negative medals. GB is making an effort to improve it, but I think we are not there, yet.

    Keep up improving it! πŸ™‚

  • Polish Users

    How it's possible... 3,5k for the league Screenshot_20210724-060950_OSM.jpg

  • @maziu90 No wonder Antifa_8 stopped playing. He finished 2nd with goal 19 team and he got -250 medals for the league.. what a shame, this system is sadly still massively flawed 😞

  • English Users

    @alyssagb said in Game Updates:

    New in OSM: Knockout Royale & Prize Pool πŸ†
    A big new temporary feature is coming to OSM! You can now join a Knockout Royale Tournament in which you compete against 127 other managers for massive rewards. That's right, 128 teams in one Tournament!

    Every manager contributes an entry fee to the Prize Pool, which will then be distributed among the best performing teams. The further you reach in this Tournament, the bigger your reward becomes. Of course, the winner takes home the biggest prize of all!

    In Knockout Royale you compete in a first and second leg knockout setting, where you are instantly knocked out of the Tournament when you lose.

    To keep things fair, we've put together 128 similarly rated teams. Each manager will be randomly assigned a team.

    In Knockout Royale, you get more progression during Training and Friendlies and a higher sale chance on the Transfer List!

    Check out the 'Prize Pool' tab in the apps, start a Knockout Royale Tournament and see if you've got what it takes to be the best of 128 managers!

    CP_KO Royale_Reddit.png

    This feature is arguably the hardest tournament to win in OSM.
    The number of boss coins the winner gets is a paltry sum compared to the entry fee and even the figure of boss coins needed to traverse far in the tournament.

    I'd say to make the feature more enticing and worth the spend, the winner gets 10,000 Boss Coins with prizes for runner ups adjusted accordingly.

  • English Users

    @specialone ofcourse we know they are different but if thats so then whats the point of removing manager points?

  • SEASON 2021/2022

    OSM is ready for the 21/22 season! Players are transferred, clubs are promoted and ratings are updated.

    To celebrate the start of the English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Dutch and Portuguese league, creating your own League is now 50% off!

    To top it all off, we introduced brand new artwork so you can play OSM in true 21/22 style!

    Check your favourite club, invite your Friends and battle it out!

    AI_CP_New Season.png

  • German Users

    Great work, appreciate !

    Itβ€˜s a pitty there is no 5th slot
    this would be πŸ₯πŸŽ°πŸŽ―.

  • Russian Users

    @alyssagb where is England 4th Division?

  • Dutch Users

    @wenger-wise Will return soon.


    The Club Stars League is now available in OSM!

    This League consists of 16 of the best clubs in the world including Real Madrid, AC Milan and Liverpool. These teams are filled with the best players in the history of the club, which means that many great football players play in this League. So these are both current top players like Cristiano Ronaldo, and top players from the past like PelΓ© and Maradona!

    Do you play with Messi and Ronaldinho's Barcelona? Or do you pick AC Milan with Maldini and Seedorf?
    Check out the 'Special' tab, choose your favorite team and let's see if you can win!

    Club Stars_Center Popup_REDDIT (1).png