Players won't sell at max price

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    I started playing Serie A with my friends 2 days ago. I chose Atalanta. It's preseason and in two days I managed to sell just 4 players. Only one of them was sold at max price. All players are under the age of 30 and the price range is under 20m, I never sell at a higher price. I'm also managing Liverpool and Zeljeznicar (Bosnian League) and players are selling like crazy, all at full price. The weird thing is that those leagues are fully underway and players are selling like crazy, and here it's preseason (the time when players should be selling like crazy) and I can't sell more than two players per day. In Zeljeznicar I have to buy new players to sell at the end of every day, or even twice a day, full price and all. I'm behind everyone else in the league when it comes to preparation in Atalanta. What should I do?

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    Hello mate...selling players is just you already saw, some players sell more easy and some players don't...and no one said all player will be sold at max price.....