bug, starting team in less than 11 players

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    hi I would like to report a problem / bug who has happened to me more than once ..... I line up, I set up the bench, the only ones to train are the second benches .... The game begins, domination of the opponent by shots and possession and consequent defeat even when the opponents are clearly lower .... what displeases me is the comment of the commentators at the end of the game where they say that I have played since the beginning of the game with less than 11 men and if I go to see in the statistics, the players who played me turn out to be 11 !!!! Now, from what has been observed, when this happens, it does not make me substitutions during the current game while I noticed that one or two changes in the starting line-up that I have not done .....it pisses quite....
    Please answer me, thank you