• Dutch Users

    I recently performed a few bosscoin surveys and 3-minute video flash games. These are a real scam.

    After performing the a survey for several minutes and many questions, they just say: 'thank you for applying, but you are not a match for this survey'. And you do not get rewarded.

    During the Video flash games you get questions in a quiz. I know for a fact that I answered all questions correct (google is you best friend). But after finishing the quiz, they say: 'you just didn't make it'. And you have to do another quiz. Even this quiz was made with only correct answers and again 'you just didn't make it'.

    This is ridiculous and very customer unfriendly. Do something about this OSM!

  • English Moderator


    GB are aware of this, as there are way too many complaints from our users about our partners (surveys, videos, etc...) not being rewarded when a task is carried out.
    GB are currently looking for good parners and when they do things are going to improve for the better. For now we just have to wait and be patient till things change.