No new managers entering league

  • Dutch Users

    I started a brand new league a few days ago but I have noticed something strange. At the first day, I noticed that I had the league set on private so I changed that to be open for any manager. I double checked it multiple times but that is the setting my league is on so it should be open. However, I am now 3 days further and still no new managers have entered my league. It's the Dutch Eredivisie so I believe it's a pretty popular league to play so i'm confused as to why no new players are in. It will be a very boring competition like this.

    I picked up OSM again for the first time since a year or so, so maybe I am just not up-to-date but as far as I know, new managers can enter any open league from day 1 right? Can someone help me please?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I guess the only thing for this is to either be patient and wait for new managers to join the league, or make a post in the League Recruits topic.