unbalanced game.

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    hello support! i play as a wolwes in a premier league and i builded up a really good team. with players being all over 90 in 15 match days with 100% moral and good fitness and i still havent won a game against top 4 teams even tho their MENAGERS DONT LOG AND HAVE BAD TEAM AND FITNESS. whats the point of me playing the game and building a team when i cant win a game against top 4. whats the point of a better scores bettwen players and training when i win just against 10 to 20 placed clubs. its just mental and i want change...

  • @lazanja It can be an advantage to have a team but the one with the highest value does not always win, other variables such as tactics also affect it, if you are local and if there is a training ground in between

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    Hello mate...you found yourself that only building a good team doesn't give you the win on a game...you have to find good tactics as well.....good luck on your next games...

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