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    Hi guys! I would like to ask a question. Why a manager who had been eliminated during the group phase of a tournament can still manage his team later? In my league a manager after being eliminated started selling his players at ridiculous prices, influencing the following of the championship. I tried to report it as an infraction but he wasn’t judged guilty. So it wouldn’t be better if after being eliminated a manager can’t access to transfer market? Thank you

  • @filippocorte They can choose to stay after being eliminated to see how the tournament unfolds, so that explains why

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    @Josemaldonado_1 yeah but it has no sense they can still be active selling or buying players. In my opinion it’s a case of illegal transfers and should be reported as infraction, particularly if are involved the strongest players and they are sold at low prices

  • If they're being sold to specific managers under private offers, then it's considered abusive regardless of whether it's a tournament or not.
    However, if that manager is just giving away his best players, at low prices after being eliminated, on the transfers list, then it's fair, since every manager can buy them. It's actually the opposite from cheating - it's quite generous from him after all.

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    This is how the tournament is by design. But if you think the transfers are unfair/illegal you can always report those managers via our report cheater tool which you can find on the manager's profile.
    And it will be investigated!