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    Hi guys,

    I do understand the whole Legend (microtransaction) stuff. It's kinda cool that you can get your hero in your own team.
    Some people might say it's not as realistisch but yeah it's a game.

    However what I don't really understand is that currently Blind is on the transfer list with rating 98 for 33mil.
    What's that about? Do some players just randomly appear on the list with high ratings?
    Or is it some sort of "in form" FUT kinda thing.

    It seems like thoughtful scouting is massively downgraded and it's more shifting to random transferlist luck or to whoever buys the most boss coins.....

    It feels like there is a lot of random stuff going on nowadays.

  • English Moderator


    This is because some players already trained and increased their rating at their current teams before they are added to the transfer list by that team.

    Same way you can train a 65 rated player to maybe 75 then add him to the transfer list later on in the season.