Advancing through dozens of transfers

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    Hi everyone,

    I can see many examples in the game where managers are advancing in the game and teams are getting stronger through ridiculously high number of transfers completed over short period of time. Here's a recent example: league 77231739, team 12: 79 transfers in 7 days!!! 40 incoming, 39 outgoing. 17 players bought and sold immediately. 23 players from the original 24-player squad sold. And this is done is just 1 week.

    I know this is not cheating, but is this realistic football management? I don't think so... I think such management should be penalized either:

    • By the game engine (as the club has completely lost its identity if that happens in a week, or players get really demotivated knowing that the next day there is high chance they will be in the transfer list), or

    • By decreasing the speed for selling players after (let's say) 10th player is sold.

    As right now it is simply ridiculous...

    alt text

    Thank you!

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    @keranov but if you look at the current crew battle league: Portugal, you will see that there's a big gap between Porto and the lowest team a manager could get (Moreirense). This is the only thing to solve the lack of funds of a club I think...