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    I have the most valuable team in the league, I played same tactics against the last the game but I couldn't win. How it can be possible? The man who is not check his account and about 4 or 5 days still beats the every match, ı'm checking his team and his players gonna be die about tired. I'm try to do anything perfect like a real manager, check every day, trainings or fitness. But I wont play the game if that situation continues. Against Watford(20th) guys, against 72 goalkeeper and only 1 goal? Am ı supposed to doesnt play the game like the other team who beats every match without checking his accounts?

  • @Reptiles16 Hi mate

    It doesn't means that you have the best team and you'll beat all teams. You were unlucky in this match. And this happens to all managers.

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    @Lirind Thanks 👍