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    Whenever your team receives a red card the game makes it seem that the has to lose regardless of team quality. I feel that they should make it as realistic as possible to the point where you don't get destroyed because a red card. In actual soccer matches teams with 10 men sometimes are able to pull off draws/wins. I feel that changing this part of the game will make OSM a more enjoyable game.

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  • @BossLikeMe-0 - It doesn't mean you lose all the time! I've pulled of lots of wins and draws even though I get a red card, maybe its all in the tactics!

  • @BossLikeMe-0 Agree. Red card has too much of power in this game. Plenty of trime I got red card in first half an hour and I dont even have to watch the scoreboard anymore, I know Im gonna lose, even though I play vs PC team and my attacker got the red card. Its just not realistic. Barca can play lets say 45 mins without a problem against Zaragoza or someone like that, yet on OSM its impossible, you just know yiu are gonna have big problems.

    Yes I as well had situations when I got red card and still pulled out a draw or something, but those situations are just too rare.