Boss coins offer I failed before completing them

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    So I did some offers I failed the first time, but then completed them the second time.
    For these offers I'm not getting any boss coins, because I failed them the first time.
    For offers I complete the first time I do them, I get the boss coins instantly.
    My question is if I can reset an offer, so I can do them for the ''first time'' again?
    Now I have like 5/6 offers that keep showing up to do, but I can never get the coins from them cause I failed them the first time...

  • When you complete the offer, you win Boss coins But there is no reset option.

  • Dutch Users

    @SirFearless So If I do an offer for the first time, and I fail it. I can never get the boss coins for that offer again, even if I complete the offer after that with 100%?

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