guys the is miss understanding ....

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    its my third post about it ... my cousin was playing osm since 2018 and all things was alright till the 2020/4/18 the account is banned we don't know why or what is the reason and he only enter the game with face book (called *****)
    account name was اوبوريتور
    Current facebook is *****
    and gmail *******
    as he always log in game with Facebook he didn't know the pw of the game
    know the account has been band and i don't know why and we try to mail the game on gmial but no body answered as and when we try forget his pw and sent amessage with new pw on gmail the game don't send any message
    so is there any thing that we can do
    please guys there was almost 3500 coin and about 19% off all the leagues has finished its work of about 18 months or more
    and in this curfew of cronavirus we want to play this game and i ask him to make us a league and know he can't log in to his account

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    Ask your cousin to login via the website and he/she will find the option to appeal his/her lock. Or contact support by email.
    If you've already done this then all you have to do now is wait and be patient till you get a reply.

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