Cheating coach with very loose penalty

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    Hello friends, today I come to tell you something very unfair that happened 2 days ago
    It turns out that I am in a league with my brother, when suddenly I see very abnormal signings of coach "" in which he sold his worst players at the highest price to another account which is called "Anahicasass" and "" sold him his best players to "" at the lowest price, what I did was see 's profile and I find that in all the leagues in which he is, also *** and in all of them do the same, the best players of *** and sells the worst players to the aforementioned account at the maximum price.
    In other words, in four leagues he cheated very blatantly, using multiple accounts and not allowed signings; At that point I denounce him for cheating so greatly and confirm the complaint.
    With what I find is the following, they only give 7 days of banning to the large account "
    " and definitive banning to the *** account which does not matter much since that account was secondary
    What makes me angry is that *** is still with his big account and only has to wait 7 days to return to the game and cheat again.
    Cheating in four leagues, with not allowed signings and multi accounts, is 7 days really enough for something so serious? I think that there should be ZERO TOLERANCE LAW for coaches like this, since they ruin the game and only take away the fun from each league, because with two accounts in favor, anyone becomes DREAM TEAMS.
    What I'm looking for with this issue is that the account of that boy "
    " be permanently deleted because he is very extremely breaching the two things that the game is prohibited and reconsider about the penalties they give to coaches like him, thanks in advance .

  • Hi mate,
    Cheating wont be discussed on forums, please use cheat report option and report every manager you think is cheating, or you can send an email to with a detailed explanation of the crime and include your manager name, they will be able to assist you.