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    Hello guys,
    i have a question about the career with a team.
    After a season will end, you can continue as manager at the same team with the same OVR players, or after it ends you should start again with a new team with basic ovr players?
    I m new at this game i m playing for 20 days and i wonder if you can continue more than a season or not.
    Thanks and i m waiting for a respond.

  • @Mariniakos Hi mate,

    osm is 1 season game and so after you finish the league all will be reset from the beginning. It will start everything from beginning.

    New Information (Not sure about this new information)

    There is new information that OSM will be the 2-season. According to the information, each ticket is bound to the respective team and is only available for 7 days. You get a golden ticket to the Winners Cup and play with the same team that you built. I don't know what it's like because I didn't play in this league. After claiming it, it is not possible to cancel.

    Kind regards

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    and what is that winners cup?
    i don t know too much about the game

  • @Mariniakos - I have not been invited to it yet (I hope maybe at the end of my current season lol) but it is a new function being implemented into OSM. It's new and it looks great! Hope this helps.

  • as the information above the winners cup is an early (Test) phase of a new feature. More info will be provided in the future.

    Kind regards

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    @Suleman____f is like the best team will invited or something like that?
    i have all my first 11 players gold cards 100+ and a few subs the same..
    that s why i asked how many seasons you can play cause i will feel sorry about my team and my work after that

  • @Mariniakos - Like @Lirind said OSM is a 1 season game however if you are invited to the winners cup the team rolls over/travels to that tournament, However if you get this ticket/invite you have to accept it within 7 days or risk losing out!

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    and where i can accept the ticket?
    will be a notification on the game or something like that?
    anyway i really hope that the game will be extended with more seasons

  • @Mariniakos - Once the season ends, I believe instead of it saying next steps or next team (new follow on league) on the league end screen it would show wines cup ticket invite instead

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    The correct answer currently is that OSM is a one season game and everything resets once the season ends.

    Note: There are no two seasons at the moment, the ticket event is still under development until then OSM is a one season game