Euro Qualifiers-team missing key players

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    Hello guys, I just got to Euro Qualifiers to one of my slots and choose my lovely country Kosova, but I see we are missing some key players from all positions like Vedat Murici (our top scorer) (FW), Besart Berisha and Arber Zenelaj (WF) (Arber is our 3rd best player), Hekuran Kryeziu (CDM) and Ibrahim Dresevic (DF)-considered to be one of the top defenders in the future.
    I think all these players should have higher rating than most of the players that are currenty avaliable to pick.
    To make sure I have facts on this please check check all the strats of the names I mentioned.

    Please OSM consider this and try to fix this before matches start because small countries like us at least deserve to have top players in the team.

    Thank you in advance, strongly believing that you are going to take on consideration my request! 🙂

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    Hello have already posted on Player correction there for any other players too....