The matches aren't played at the right time.

  • I read in the topic "Common questions" that OSM can't garantee the time when the matches will be played. Sorry but for what is then the timer which shows how many hours or minutes left?! I am totally frustrated by this, cause this is a very important factor especially for the crew battles, when the secret trainings aren't available. Because of this you can lose and fail in achieving your Goal. How is this possible the most important thing: the match time to be not guaranteed?!
    Tnx for the answer in advance.

  • @Alexander6666 Hi, I understand your point, but there is no way for the timers can be 100% accurate. They are a guide so managers know roughly when their match will be played, but this may change as there are thousands of matches simulated each night. I think it is better to have a timer than have nothing at all, don't you agree? 🙂