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    I recently started getting more into the tranfermarket mechanics because I wanted to make more money and make the most of the start of the season to improve my squad as much as possible. Especially during the preparation of the new season. Before this I usually made sure that I always had 4 players on the list, for around ~1.3x their price. And slowly lowering their price if they didn't sell within: let's say a day. With this method I usually sold 2 or 3 player a day, during the preparation. Which I think is good, but I wanted to get to know more since I saw some pretty strange deals happening sometimes.... and I have no patience XD

    I learned for example that the best price to sell 80+ players is to not go over their (max price - value) and that lower rated players can be sold for their max price. On top of that I saw that usually the OSM system buys around 0-6 random players from the transferlist every two hours, with the exeption of the evening when the actual games are being simulated.
    Sadly with my new season (Juventus) I started struggling a lot more with selling players, I used the tips I found but only sold 2 players in like 3 days preparation (One of them being bought by a player from my league as well). And I ended up selling them for maybe 1.1x their value or even quick selling them because I needed the money. I checked the transferlist a lot during the last days not only to see my players still on there, but also to see other teams selling players consistently almost every 2 hours. Most teams get a sale around 4 hours I think, with some extreme cases of teams selling 2 or sometimes even 3 players at the same time. While my players stayed on the list. The funny thing is that most of these players were being sold for their max value while my players were like 50-10 ratings higher, and cheaper. But they were not being sold. For example 2 midfielders around 82 sold for around 17 mil at the same time, while my 88 midfielder was on the list for 16.

    Since the season is now starting, most people have sold the players they wanted to sell so last night only 6 players were on the list: 4 of them being mine. And when I looked this morning: 2 were sold, the 2 that were not mine. Both players worse than mine, but for similar prices. Today, some team decided to sell a 15 mil valued striker for almost 40 mil and within 4 hours it was bought by OSM engine. So everybody is making bank. While my 15 mil valued players are not even being sold for 18 mil (1 case that has been on the list for 3 days now). I also had a striker on the list for 4 days that was a little cheaper (around 12 mil) that I managed to sell for 15 mil, because the first 3 days I had it listed for 19 mil but I didn't sell. So why did the almost 40 mil striker sell I am wondering.

    What I am getting at is: are there any more tips you guys know on how to make the most of the transfermarket? Am I being stupid or are these other people making use of secrets to get a lot of cash for OK players quickly, that I don't know about? How do I make sure my players aren't consistently being ignored and why do other players get more sales, even though my sales are way better value/quality?

  • @dildodida_NL Hi mate,

    Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. What I read from your post means that you are unlucky this time. This affects not only you but all managers. What I can say about this problem is that transfers are done by the engine at random and there's no guarantee that players added to the transfer list will sell quickly at any price. There's no guarantee that the best players added to the transfer list will sell quickly even if you reduce the price of the players. Remove them from the TL and re-add them again to see if it helps you sell quicker. There isn't much one can do to help, you just have to keep working the transfer list to figure out how to sell your players quicker.

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    That's not happening only to you my friend, same is happening to me, I haven't be able to sell any players for days but other teams in my league still sell players for twice or triple of their value

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    You need to change basically everything you do. Players are bought randomly by engine so slider positions don't really matter, only final selling prices. Bot doesn't care whether it's 40M player being sold for 25M or 10M player for 25M. If you are selling for 1.1x or 1.3x, you are selling for deficit. 1.3x is almost best possible buying price from TL. You cannot sell players for less than you pay for those. And since bots don't care, sell for maximum price (2,5x). Preferably buy players valued under 10M and sell those for max price, which is still under 25M. After 25M selling probability will get gradually much lower. 40M is already very hard and 50M almost impossible.

    Also, there are 8 transfer simulation rounds done daily on 2h intervals. Transfer simulations are done at the same time every day, so if you check your transfer history, you'll know times when transfers are simulated for the rest of the season.