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    I recently got robbed in the final. We beat every team in route to the finale. I was using Tottenham and he had Dortmund. My team was way better than his. Somehow I lost 3-0 and I feel like that I got hacked. What should I do?
    Later I realized that my opponent used training camp to defeat me. I lost 3-0. My team had lots of world stars while his hardly had any.
    Thank You

  • @JuneJay Hi mate,

    Sorry to hear about your lost mate but no one has robbed you. Squad value/better team alone doesn't win you games. Fomation, tactics, home advantage, training camp and other factors is what determines who the winner would be. It seems that you have to work better on your tactics and he used a training camp on you. So surely gave him the win.

    Kind regards

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    What tactics and formations should I use for my teams.

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    Hello mate...sorry to hear that you lost but the other manager used training camp and maybe he has better tactics than you...this is not the place to talk about tactics...find the Tactic request topic for such questions...and never post multiple questions on one topic.....