Absolutely done with this game

  • English Users

    Contacted the support system, gave them specific details and evidences of a guy cheating in the league by owing 8(!) teams. Photos with the illegal transfers and the deliberately poor sides for manipulating the league table and yet nothing! Already 20 days AND STILL NOTHING. A permanent message of "the league is under investigation" while the guy is ruining the league for the other 5 players. Guess the delete account is the only solution as far as it seems they can't even control their own game. Pitty for the 2€ that went to the bucket for this. THANK YOU FOR THE NOTHING. It was great to contact you for not doing the slightest effort to keep the game fair.

  • @Faskos77 - Action had been taken against those who you believed to have cheated. I assume due to the current global situation they may take a tiny bit longer, a response is given in a week.