Alex "Teixiera" instead of Alex Teixeira

  • Alex Teixiera instead of Alex Teixeira:face_palm_tone3::face_palm_tone3:
    This image speaks for itself:joy::clap_tone2:
    I want some coins as a reward:cop_tone4::cop_tone4::cop_tone4::cop_tone4:
    alt text
    I'm out! :walking_tone2:

  • As you can see... :spy_tone1::spy_tone1::spy_tone1:
    alt text

  • English Moderator

    @MarcoBK1 Oh Marco ! Bless your heart mate, your post was so funny.Made my day for sure ! :rofl:

    Hello , Happy New Year & thank you for your feedback. Sorry love but there's no boss coins reward for such infos. :laughing:

    Now about your player :
    Alex Teixeira Santos - Brazilian Portuguese (born 6 January 1990) is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Chinese club Jiangsu Suning.
    Holy cow ! It's his birthday too today! :birthday:

    My dearest Marco could you please use this topic : , whenever you find an error about anything concerning the football players?
    We do have a special topic for such matters. And yes we appreciate the help from all managers.

    Thank you very much for your post mate and enjoy your gaming time. :thumbsup_tone2:

    My regards,

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