Is reporting a cheater even worth it?!

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    This guy in one league has 5 accounts. What he does is takes ownership of the team I am facing the next day, makes a few last minute transfers and puts the team on a Training Camp. He did that with 3 teams I already faced and one time for another opponent also at the top of the league. I reported the situation, yada yada, 72 hours to do something. It's been 5 days, nothing happened. Since reporting, I faced 2 of the teams he took ownership and lost 4 points and the 1st place. I sent him a message 5 days ago to call him out on it and he admitted and laughed about it. Then a couple of days later after, he creates another team, and messaged me to brag because I lost points.

    So obvious case of cheating. But is it *** worth reporting or doing anything about it? What is going to happen with all the points I lost because of this *** ? With a more prompt response to this, I wouldn't have been affected by the last 2 games since I reported the situation.

  • @win14_ Hi mate,

    Cheating wont be discussed on forums, if you've already reported him then you have to wait and be patient till your report is handled.

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    Please watch your language in here....and don't forget that staff members put their free time and try to help managers....