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    I'm an avid gamer, and I wonder why the game has not been placed in the store of microsoft! if they would enter, it would be nice! because those who have an Android Microsoft and is keen as me to this fantastic game, you can safely play on your device! After play store, and iOS app store, also add it on the Microsoft store! I thank you for listening! best regards

  • @undersignup Hello my friend and welcome to the new forums. ☺

    I'm sorry but I must inform you that at the moment OSM has got already not just 1 but 5 different versions on which users can login to :

    Website (PC or mobile device)
    Android App
    iOS App (iPhone)
    iOS App (iPad)

    Regrettably the microsoft phone users as we speak cannot justify the creation of a new app. And we are not in position to know when or if there's gonna be a new app in the near future. Cause who knows what the future brings? If the marketshare goes up then your wish will be probably granted.

    Thank you for visiting our forums. Happy New Year! :handshake_tone2:

    My regards,