• Dutch Users

    Do I get more bonus for every player from same nationality above the amount of 6 I add extra in my squad? And is it important to link players or can they have whatever position they want on the pitch?

  • Portuguese Users

    Above 6 the bonuses are the same. Regarding the position, I think I have no influence, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • @FC-Emile_NL Hi mate,

    Nothing changes to the amount of boost you'll get , no matter if your starting line up has 6 or 10 such players. It is up to you to decide how many of them you wish to bring to your squad, especially if you are planning on rotating them for each new round and line up. The nationality bonus works in a similar way as the bonus that you get for picking the right Specialists for your match. The exact percentage of the nationality bonus we do not know.

  • Dutch Users

    @Lirind What is the Specialist bonus? Never heard of that before

  • @FC-Emile_NL with Specialist bonus I meant, when we put the tactics of our teams, we choose for every match a specific player as a Free-kicks taker or as a Penalty taker etc.. even though there is not known a standard percentage of success in our choices.

    example: So if I put Cristiano Ronaldo as a Free-kicks taker, I will not be sure that he will score in every match from the Free-kick.

  • English Users

    Sorry things are not clear here ;
    Do we need 6 players from the same nationality in the line up to get the extra winning boost or in the team ?
    And if they are benched do we still get the bost?

  • @squado15 said in Nationality bonus:

    Do we need 6 players from the same nationality in the line up to get the extra winning boost or in the team

    you need to have at least 6 players from the same Nationality in your Line-up and you get the bonus but the exact percentage of the bonus we do not know.

  • English Users

    Ummm..... i have a similar doubt. I dont remember if i read it here or somewhere else. A guy had put up a post about linking. It was like same nationality players in one postion. He even explained tht saying he experimented and noticed tht if same players of same nation are in the same postion, then they play better. Also i have noticed in some videos tht some strong managers often keep only one nation in one postion. Example: forwards (all even the reserves ) are frm let's say England; the midfielders all are frm Spain; all defenders are frm Italy and similarly goalkeepers frm the same nation. So naturally in his line ups the forwards will be English while midfield will be Spanish and defence Italian and goalkeepers frm (lets take) German.
    Would like to know the advantage of this type of selection of players of same nation for same positions.
    Thank you guys in advance😊☺😄