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    We are a group of 12 friends who just started a 3rd consecutive season in a private league and we had some ideas of our own to make the battle between us more competitive. First, I would like to thank OSM for existing as it made the whole situation with the Coronavirus and lack of real football feel less "pandemic" as it brought us back in a private chat where although we are 23-25 year olds this game gave us a lot of banter and fun conversations 24/7 (all of us being spread around the world). Cheers guys, awesome game!

    Settings for private league.
    Right now we are all aware of the options, however we decided to put restrictions so to enable some of us to catch up (and restrict some creative minds haha). For example, teams with obj.1 do transfers until 3rd round, those with obj 4 till round 4, those with obj 7 till round 5 and etc. Of course, we are supposed to be grown ups and follow the rules we set haha, nevertheless, would it be possible to allow the moderator more detailed options like setting a specific frame for generally transfer to be allowed - Straight to the point of the topic:

    1. Time of matches being played?
      We are all spread around the world, but everyone anticipates the time the matches are being played. There is a specific time convenient for all of us, as such, could I as moderator set a specific time when the game could be played i.e. 19:00 UK time or other?

    2. Could I, as a moderator, choose to have 6 days pre-seaons instead of 3?

    3. Could I set the transfer market to end at round 3 for everybody (for example) and reopen at the end of the first half of the season for 3 days AND/OR there to be another 3 days like the pre-season with no matches (equivalent of winter break) so the transfer window reopensn for those 3 days only?

    4. Because some of us have less time to play the game (work/family) compared to others, we came up with a rule that no player should be sold at least 3 days after purchase (to avoid nonsense transfer purely for money). However, sometimes we forget when we bought someone and did really 72 hours passed since purchase.... So could there be extended options where we can choose restrictions like those?

    5. Loans.
      As it is private league, sometimes we like to offer loans among us. For example, I ask "manager A" to give 10 millions so I can buy some player and promise to give him back 15 millions in 10 days. As we are doing this in our Facebook messenger app, everyone must agree or at least no one to object (yes, that serious from 23-25 year old, but the game is legendary). My question/proposal is the following: Could there be option to give loans, however this to be visible to all managers. Specific proposal --> I request 10m from "manager A", then all managers receive notification that I did this and they can "halt" this proposal or do nothing (either offline or couldn't care less haha), however if 1 chooses "halt" .. It's halt haha

    6. Player exchange.
      I will be short here. I offer player X for manager's A player Y and he to be able to negotiate asking for a different player (like a drop menu bar of all my players) or accept/decline. Commission could still apply. As well as making counter offer like "accept but with conditions - the other manager must add "X amount of money" on top. Like real life Arsenal - Man Utd transfer swap Sanchez for Miki (I hope I manager to explain it hah).

    In general, I understand that all of this would take a lot of time and effort from the OSM team, as such, perhaps all this additional options could cost different amounts of tokens per "additional option" so to somehow pay for all this additional effort by the mighty IT specialist (saying this with no sarcasm, as some of us are and I know it's not easy peasy job)!?

    If this could not be achieved, perhaps a portal like this forum, but specific, where the moderator could send a request to OSM, pay a specific number of tokens and create a private league (basically, "ordering" a personalised league, even if it could take a month to be created).

    P.S. All this is for private league only, as we understand it is impossible to make this happen in league with random people. You need 24/7 transfer and the restrictions already set by the game 100%. The model is perfect, making this the greatest football game existing. All this question is for private leagues only.

    Another P.S. Thanks OSM for existing!


  • Hi

    Welcome and thanks for your feedback.

    While a private league, it has direct and indirect impact on how OSM works:

    • achievements (BC rewards)
    • Rankings (Manager points earned at the end of the season)

    This been said, I would like you to take a look to the rules you set and assure that none of them goes against OSM Terms or you risk to get accounts suspended temporarily or permanent.

    About your specific requests, I'm sorry, but none of them are easy peasy (as you already stated) and not on short medium terms plans for OSM. Not gonna say it's a that will never happen answer, but in a short medium term it's a Not going to happen.

    Again, thank you for your nice comments and feedback.
    Enjoy OSM and the league with your friends