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    So I am sure that people probably complain about this frequently, but I do feel that something is wrong when I try to sell players.
    First of all, I am in the middle of the season. Players sell all the time in my league and I have been able to do so and a "normal" pace in the first 1/3 of the season. Then something happened. Just for me. The other teams still sell players. Both low price and high price. I have had players on the list for 10 days or so without selling. I tried removed and putting on the transferlist again at a lower price. Nothing happens. Maybe day 5 now with new price.
    I dont ask top price when selling. Actually I ask much much less than my competitors. Who still sell. I dont try to sell old players at high price. I know of the 2,5 rule. I stay well below that.
    In the mean time my competitors sell players left and rigtht.
    I have to add that I now tried to buy low priced players (2-5 M range) and selling them. That actually works. But my players at 20-30 M range doesnt sell. Others put players on the list several days after mine, ask much more, and still sell while mine are stuck. Happens again and again.

    I lead the league and they obviously catch up with me since I cannot sell. My team stands still while theirs improve daily.
    I cant help to get the feeling it is like Mario Kart. When you lead, your competitors are made to drive faster so you will not be to dominant..

    Any tips of what to do?
    Thanks. 🙂

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    Transfers are random and no one knows which players will sell faster. Just as you said some of the players you bought from the TL and put back were sold.
    As the manager, it's up to you to figure out how to work the transfer list.

    You can ask help on working the TL on this topic >> https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/51555/transfer-list-how-does-that-make-sense/10