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    Good afternoon,

    if I complete a league i get coach points. I win the championship and the cup.

    If I repeat that same championship and win again, I won't get the coach points again right ????

    what if I win only the cup and in the next repeated championship I win the cup and the champion? do I receive the coach points?

    Thank you for your help

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    @MadeiraMaria If you have finished a league and won the cup and gotten the boss coins; then if you start a new league (it can be same team too) after it finishes you will again get the same coins. As you finished the league you will get boss coins irrespective of how many times you play tht league. I am currently managing 3 Manchester United teams in 3 different slots and i will get the boss coins from all 3. Keep in mind the number of boss coins you earn depend on your team objective,whether you passed ur objective, won the league, cup, big goal victories, wins against real managers,etc.
    It never depends on how many times you play the same league again. You may play in England 100 times, i guarantee you tht the boss coins will depend only on the above said terms and not on how many times you play in England. ☺✌

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    I know that a win the boss coins no matter how many leagues I play.

    My question is do you win MANAGER Points for each time you play the same league or only the first time tou play the league???

  • @MadeiraMaria said in How the point works:

    win MANAGER Points for each time you play the same league

    Yes mate, you win. It doesn't matter how many times you play on the same league.

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    Thanks everyone 👍