Very small progress young players

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    I have a couple of young players, at the beginning of the season still, and there progress is so small... Take Donnarumma, played with him multiple times, easy going above 100-110... Now in the beginning his progress is so small I barely get him to 84... !alt text

    Is there a bug?

    alt text

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    This isn't a bug but by design, players progression gets slower the more you train that player

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    @King_Jamiu_10 I think 81 is Donnaruma's original rating (as shown below). You misread what he said. He has played with Donnaruma a lot of times in other Careers and trained him up to 100-110 in those ones before his training progression looked anywhere near this. But here, he has an untrained or barely trained Donnaumma who has a slower Training progression than 30-year-old Ricardo Ferreira.

    @Santereas_NL I think it is a bug. But if you are using the app try it on the web and vice versa.


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    @Pelu-Dos-Santos Like I said above, "Players progression gets slower the more you train that player". Especially in a single match day

    There's currently a super staff event where we have 6 training sessions instead of the normal 3 training sessions so it's only logical that a single players progression becomes lower as you keep on training him.

    He must have been training Donnarumma all day (for 5-6 training sessions, in a single match day) that's why his progression has reduced to this level.