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    Hello verybody

    I have talked about it in the past, like the following post


    I am totally sure about the fact that in my league we are not able to scout players sold to the engine. We have checked it several times.

    I have always read in the forum that it should be allowed, so i would like it to be checked.

    Thanks a lot


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    @jerokiller_tramposo I once used 100 boss coins to find sold players frm my league. From my experience I can tell tht if tht players has played at least once in the league you may be able to scout him back. I tried to find Hudson Odoi and Abraham and used 100 boss coins (I am free to play manager 😂😂) but then i noticed tht i had sold modric who had played one game and few days later he was bought by Everton. So i concluded tht if a player as played in your league and has been sold, there is a chance tht he may be brought back by scout. The reason i may not have gotten Abraham and Odoi was becoz they were sold in pre-season hence they were gameless.