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    Ever since I started playing this game for over a year now, I always used small clubs the most and one thing I noticed is that the points are so unfair. At first I wanted to accept it, but recently I was supposed to finish 16th and I was 6th and still had less points than a manager who was supposed to finish 1st and was third. It's so unfair and even when I use a big club sometimes, I don't get as many points as these managers get even if I always get the objective. It's so random and unfair.

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    It is because your objective is easier than becoming first. For eg: A manger's objective is secon and he comes third and there is another manager that has an objective of coming fourteenth and he comes tenth, the manager who's objective was to come second will have more manager points because of two reasons:

    . his objective was very difficult and tricky and he was still very close
    . That manager finished in a way better spot than the manager who came tenth

    So basically, it is fair.


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    @Mr-Haad-Adil-Khan but you forget that when you finish 6th with Brescia and get less points than a manager who finished third with a great Juventus.. we don't have the same teams, if you are asked for 1st it's because you have a great team which makes your games easier.