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    Please remove the training campus I can't stand it. If you don't have a good team, accept it, there are many coaches who strive to have good results without ever having used a campus, but of course if someone comes and pays, it doesn't matter if your club is the most expensive, if you have better players, or if you have a streak impressive wins. Just to pay they already compete you even if your team surpasses it and by far and the worst is that sometimes it is not only a game and now, but you can also lose finals, you can lose the leadership or many other possibilities. If you want to get good results try hard, because if you put the campus and you win you may feel happy but you are ruining the work of someone who really tried hard to get results. Por favor quiten el campus de entrenamiento no lo soporto. si no tienes buen equipo aceptalo, hay muchos entrenadores que se esfuerzan para tener buenos resultados sin nunca haber usado un campus pero claro si llega alguien y paga no importa si tu club es el mas caro, si tienes mejores jugadores, o si llevas una racha de victorias impresionante. Solo por pagar ya te compiten aunque tu equipo lo supere y por mucho y lo peor es que a veces no solo es un partido y ya, sino que tambien puedes perder finales, puedes perder el liderato o muchas otras posibilidades. Si quieres sacar buenos resultados esfuerzate, por que si pones el campus y ganas tal vez te sientas feliz pero estas arruinando el trabajo de alguien que en verdad se esforz├│ para obtener resultados.

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    Hello camps are part of this game and can not be removed....but you have the option to make your own leagues, without camps...PS write only in English on these forums....

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